Sunday, 23 January 2011

Analysis of our ‘Bag Swap'

On Thursday during our 3 hour lesson, we were given the task of planning, filming and editing our own short film sequence. We were allowed to chose the location and all other elements of the sequence, but it had to include a bag swap.

The sequence starts with an establishing long shot showing one of the main characters (played by myself) walking towards the camera, along the side of a road. The camera remains still until the character gets closer and walks to the right, at which point the camera pans to the right to follow their movement.
The character then walks through a gate into a small park.

We then cut to a long shot of the other character, who is waiting in another part of the park. 

When editing, we realised that this shot could have been a bit closer, as the character is small and hard to make out.
The next shot is a medium shot of the first character walking into the park, and receiving a text message. He stops and gets out his phone, and we cut to an over the shoulder shot showing him holding the phone 

Immediately after this, we added a close up of the phone screen to show the audience exactly what the message on the phone said. The character then puts his phone away and walks off.
We then see a close up of the second characters eyes, looking around to see if he is being watched and to see if the other character has arrived yet. 

After this, we cut to a panning shot which shows the second character looking around to see the first character arriving. The camera pans from left to right, so the audience see the arrival of the first character at the same time the second character does. 

Character 1 then sits down beside the second, and puts his bag down on the ground. He then looks around, as shown with a close up of his eyes, to make sure no one is watching.

Both characters then simultaneously pick up the other’s bag and walk off, ending the sequence.

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