Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thriller Sub-genres

Sub-genres are different categories which can classify under a particular genre, they can also be other genres combined.

Thriller Sub-genres:
Crime Thriller- Associated with mainstream fiction, typical story line include criminal motives/ detective work.
Example (Takers 2010)

Psychological Thriller- Thrillers which cause suspense psychologically rather than physically, involves mystery and engages the audience on an inquistitive level. Example(Inception 2010)

Supernatural Thriller- Supernatural Thrillers include the paranormal world. Typical conventions include alien abduction, ghost and unexplained mystery.
Example(The Unborn 2009)

Mystery Thriller- A thriller where suspense is caused by mystery. Conventions include a detective character, mystery and false plateau.
Example(Shutter Island 2010)

Legal thriller- Legal Thrillers are similar to crime thrillers, yet legal thrillers always include legal forces hence the conventions are, police force, heros/heroines, the law and criminals.
Example(Runaway Dury 2003)

Disaster Thriller- Disaster Thrillers involve natural disasters, or the world disasters (something taking over the world). Conventions include, earth quakes, floods, volcanoes and other causes that can destroy the world.
Example(The Day After Tomorrow 2004)

Sci-Fi Thriller- Sci-fi includes science fiction, things that aren't real (fantasy) the typical conventions of sci-fi thrillersinclude, spaceships, other life fourms and monsters.
Example(Skyline 2010)

Conspiracy Thriller- Includes a conspricacy typical conventions are investigation and a hero confronting a large group of enemies.
Example(Edge of Darkness 2010)

INCEPTION (Psychological Thriller)

‘Inception’ A thriller released in July 2010, it inspired me to look into its sub-genre (Psychological thriller) reason being is because ‘Inception’ hinted subtle clues to the phenomenon and engaged the audience by making them feel they had to work out the mystery and question reality. Inception had an ambiguous ending, leaving you thinking for days after you’ve watched it. A movie you can’t get off your mind must be a brilliant movie or overly terrible, in this case it was brilliant! This movie caught my interest into Psychological thrillers, and is the reason this sub-genre inspires me at this moment in time.

Being inspired by this sub-genre I researched what makes a good ‘Psychological Thriller’?
I found that the best Psychological Thrillers include: Suspense, unpredictability and a mind-bending plot.

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