Sunday, 23 January 2011

Analysis of title sequence

A 'Title Sequence' conventionally takes place at the start of a film or programme, it is used to inform people the main names who contribute to the production of the movie. Title sequence is methods which present the opening credits, accompanied by visual and audio effects.

In class we were shown an example of a title sequence and was asked to anaylse the time line and which effect have been used and why.

Title sequence(The taking of Pelham 1,2,3):

The order the credits are shown in:

1st- Columbia & Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Picture (Film production and distribution company).
2nd- Association with Relavitity Media (An independent motion picture and investment company).
3rd- A Film by Tony Scott (Film Director).
4th- Denzal Washington/ John Travolta (Main actors).
5th-The taking of Pelham 1,2,3 (Title).
6th- Rail Control Centre- Midtown (The location of the current scene).

The order shows which is the most important, in the production process.
This sequence included special effects for example 0:23 shows the transition which resembles a train and city life, accompanied by the sound of the subway, this was appropriate as the film is set in NewYork, and NewYork is famous for its busy streets and subways.
The opening sequence sets the scene by using the establishing shot of NewYorks morning skyline, as the audience we are informed the location and that it's te start of the day, relevent to the what is shown next, Rail control centre work place, showing it's the start of a working day.

By studying this sequence title I have been inspired to use creativy whilst presenting the opening credits also I'm now aware of the constructive order which names should be shown.

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