Saturday, 29 January 2011

Introduction to LiveType

LiveType is what we will be using to create the titles for our Thriller openings. The process of using LiveType is very similar to that of Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro. 
You start with this blank screen. Once you know what titles you want and they have been written, they will appear here and then you will be able to move them around and put them in the positions you think will work best.
This is the screen used when you write what titles you want. The small box on the left is the text box. For example, if Ben and Sebastian were to produce the sound for the film, I would write it in the box for it to appear on the blank, white screen. Down the write hand side of the screen, you can choose what font you want. There are many different fonts, for all genres. The small screen above shows the font style. You can also choose an effect to go with the font. This will also appear in the small screen to show how it would look. 

Although it is not quite clear in this picture, this is an example of how the title can appear on the screen. The first time the titles run through, it is quite slow, but as it plays again, it speeds quite significantly, so you must extend the timing to about three seconds to slow it down.

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