Sunday, 23 January 2011

Camera Introduction

Last lesson we were introduced to the cameras that we would be using to film our thriller openings in the near future. As the cameras we will be using are professional quality and extremely expensive, there were a number of health and safety checks that the teachers had to go through, including making sure that everyone in the group could operate the cameras & tripods properly, how to take out/hire the equipment from the media technicians and how to film safely when on location.

Screenshot of Final Cut Pro
The first thing we learned was how to turn the cameras on, and insert the memory cards we would be using. Each group has two 8GB SD memory cards that will hold the footage recorded on the camera until it is transferred onto the group hard drive to be edited on one of the iMacs using Final Cut Pro.

We also were shown how to focus the camera (by using manual focus mode and auto focus) and how to use the zoom function. We were then instructed to record an object in the room and to focus on it using the manual focus ring on the front of the camera, behind the lens.

After this we were shown how to set up the tripods, and ensure they were level by using the spirit-level on the back of the tripod. If the tripods were not level, the shot would not be level either.

Here is a list of the rules we must follow when using the cameras and other equipment:

1. Keep the camera dry at all times when filming on location
2. Never touch the lens (the most important and expensive part of the camera)
3. Keep at the camera settings the same
4. Be responsible with all equipment at all times
5. Return the cameras and equipment back to the media storeroom/technicians on time
6. Check the equipment is working before leaving the college
7. Make sure the rental form is signed by a teacher before taking out any equipment

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