Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Analysis of a title sequence - The Taking Of Pelham 123

State the Production & Distribution companies. How are they introduced? What purpose do they serve at the start of the movie?

  • Columbia Pictures - this is saying that it is going to be a big movie. BIG INTENTIONS!
  • Metro Goldwyn Mayor
  • A Scott free escape artist Production.
A black line appears on the screen and rolls along revealing the credits, like a train running on a track.

List the information that is included in the title sequence.
  1. Actors names - key actors/ more minor actors
  2. Casting
  3. Costume
  4. Music
  5. Co-exectutor producer
  6. Editor
  7. Production assistant
  8. Director of photography
  9. Exectutive producer
  10. Production by Todd Black/ Tony Scott
  11. 1.58pm

Film Title - where exactly is this placed? Start, middle, end?

The title appears fully in the middle of the screen at 1.15, with the "1,2,3" appearing to the beat of the music. 

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