Thursday, 27 January 2011

Introduction to Soundtrack Pro

Learning how to use Soundtrack Pro is a key part in the creation of our Thriller opening. Not only do we have to create our soundtrack for our final thriller using it, we also have to create practice soundtracks to go with our practice pieces. 

This picture is of the different selections of sounds you can use. By clicking on a certain category, a long list of different of sounds, some appearing in multiples with a slight tone difference in each one. 

The wide selection gives you a better opportunity to create the perfect soundtrack. Choosing one of the many different versions of each sound over another could either make opening more effective or not effective at all. When the right sound has been chosen, you click and drag it to the grid pictured above. Once there, you can shorten and loop your sound. On each separate track slot, you can have a different sound. These can overlap and play at the same time if on different tracks. 
This section is where you can quieten each sound separately. You quieten it according to track number and importance.

This last photo shows roughly what the soundtrack should start to look like. This is an example of only two tracks, the more sounds you use, the more tracks.

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