Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction to camera.









    JVC GY-HM100 ProHD Solid State Camcorder

    Compact Hand-Held form factor - weighing only 1.44 kg., the GY-HM100 is the smallest and lightest HD camcorder to offer true 35 Mbps professional performance.

    Its size and portability open up new possibilities for high-quality HD recording applications, while reducing the strain of hand-held operation.

    Newly developed progressive 3 CCD provide 1080p digital processor applies 5 advanced noise reduction technologies. A 10x Fujinon lens provides edge-to-edge sharpness, and offers manual or auto focus, zoom and iris.
    This is the description of the camera we are given in Media As, this high-tech equipment comes with rules and regulation which we were taught in a camera introduction.

    1. You MUST always have you Media ID card to hire a camera.
    2. You MUST be careful whilst using the camera.
    3. You MUST hand back the camera by it's return time.
    4. You MUST hold the camera appropriately.
    5. If you are having trouble with the camera you MUST see a member of staff.
    6. You MUST NOT leave the camera unattended. 
    7. Do not touch the camera lense.
    8. Don't use the camera in bad weather conditions unless you are able to protect it with good shelter. 

      • Firstly make sure your battery life is high.Youdon't want to travel and then come back because you have no battery.
      • Make sure you have recording time availible, you can check the battery life and the storage on the cameras menu.
      • When inserting the memory card you must push the white bit up, open the memory slot and push it in, after checking its the right way.
      • Make sure you are recording on the right memory card.
      • Change focus with the buttons such as auto focus.
      • Change lense focus by twisting around the lense.
      • Hold the camera steadily.    
      The Tripod

      Tripods are used for both still and motion photography to prevent camera movement. They are necessary when slow-speed exposures are being made, or when telephoto lenses are used, as any camera movement while the shutter is open will produce a blurred image.

      Using the tripod:
      1. Extend legs to desired height. Dependent on what visual shot you want.
      2. Spread the legs as far out as possible, to make sure its stable.
      3. Slide the camera carefully on top.
      4. Make sure it's secure by twisting the black lever on the side.
      5. Do the pick up test to make sure it's steady.
      6. Whilst Travelling take off the camera and pack up the tripod.
      7. Slide the camera off by pressing the red button down.
      8. Return by return time.

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