Monday, 7 February 2011

Analysis of a Thriller Clip - Momento

Momento is a Crime/Thriller film. The story is about a man seeking revenge on a man who killed his wife and rendered the man brain damaged, with a condition that only allows his memory to remember things for a short period of time. He overcomes this by taking polaroid photographs and mysteriously having tattoos of clues which will lead him to his target.

The introduction of the film starts off with a close up shot of the main character's hand holding a polaroid picture. The picture gradually fades showing to the audience that the shot is in-fact rewinded.

The picture at the beginning 

The scene continues going back in time and this is when one of the shots I like happens. It's a close up shot of blood trickling back up a wall which also shows the genre as a thriller film.

Another scene is the final shot where the rewinded shot shows the main shooting his target. This shocks the audience and makes them want to know who the man is and why did he shoot him.

The picture fading displaying the rewinding shot

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