Sunday, 13 February 2011

Thriller audience

For my thriller opening, we have to find who is going to be our target audience. But before that, we analysed the people who are actually watching the thrillers. Also we have compared it with other genres of the movies.

There is a grid about UK Cinemagoing by GENRE 2009.
Only 31 of 503 movies were released,  and the best one are Angels and Demons, Knowing and Harry Brown of thriller
In comparision with the total number of film released, it is not enough. Only about 6 % .
Movies based on action, animation and comedy account 52 % of Box office in 2009. It is becuase teenager want alots of going at once. It also give them exicitment. They are mostly aim for them that is why they are the taget audience which tend to go to cinema very often.
Thrillers account are quite low proportion of Box office (only about 4% in 2009). It is largly becuase the marketing tend to focus on big budget film with full of special effects like action and animation.

Through this 'genre by gender' diagram , it is easy to spot the target audience for particular gendres. Woman tend to watch romance, period and suspense, while man love action, scie-fi and crime. Also horrors are slightly more aim for male audience than woman. However, female and male audiences love comedy movies.

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