Saturday, 12 February 2011

Thriller Audiences: RESEARCH

1) How many suspense films were released in 2009? How many films were released altogether that year?

In 2009, 31 films with the genre of suspense were released. In total, 503 films were released. This was the combined total of films based on all genres.

2) Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of Box office in 2009. Why do you think these genres are so popular?

The above genres are popular because they are aimed at a teenage/ young adult audience (13 - 24)

3) Why do you think Thrillers account for quite a low proportion of UK Box office takings (4% in 2009)?

As it is mainly teenagers that go to the cinema, they prefer to watch different movies with different genres. Thrillers are not very appealing or interesting for teenagers so it could be that really, only the adult population who enjoy thriller films will go and watch them.

4) Looking at the 'genre by gender' diagram on the teaching blog, what information can be derived about thriller audiences and gender?

The genre of comedy is equally liked by both males and females. In addition to this, the female population prefer romance, period and suspense films, with crime, action and sci-fi leaning more towards males. However, the genre of horror is almost neutral between both genders.

5) Look at the age certificate for 10 of the films featured on the teaching blog. What does this tell you about Thriller audiences?

The films on the teaching blog are mainly certificated 18+. 

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