Thursday, 17 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim


For our location, we used a stairwell in college. We also used the counselling waiting room for 'The Doorway to Hell'.  We chose the staircase and the waiting room because they were not constantly being used and the waiting room was quite dark. The use of these were affective because we wanted the feel of the prelim to be mysterious and 'spooky' as out theme is Thriller. I think our location was the best we could get because the lighting was perfect and it was isolated so we was not bothered by people during filming.


We experimented with many different camera angles and having the camera in different positions whilst filming. The angles we chose for our prelim, I think, accurately portray those of a thriller film. Having the camera below the actor, looking up at them shows that they are in control. Although we had enough of a range of shots and angles, I think we should have taken more time to consider other possibilities.


The sound we used was effective because it dies portray that of a thriller opening. Although the music does work, I think we could have edited it better, making it quieter whilst there was dialogue. I also think we could have spent more time perfecting the sound to make it better.

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