Monday, 28 February 2011

Thriller Audiences:

Thriller Audiences Research:
Whilst making a film it is important to understand audiences, therefore we were given the statistics of Movies released in Uk Cinemas in 2009, this data separated different genres and presented the gross, this enabled me to realise how successful the thriller genre is. 

Thriller genre data:

 This shows out of 501 which were release only 31 covered the Thriller/Suspense genre, this genre doesn’t satisfy a large audience, this could be related to thrillers tend to have age restriction, and a lot of the people how go to cinema’s are families and teens, therefore age restrictions limit their audience.  People say Thrillers are predictable, and would rather watch modern animations because it doesn’t attract one audience.

Gender and audience:

My group intends to attract the thriller audience hence it is necessary for us to know details about the audience we are trying to attract, here we see thriller and suspense is closer to the middle attracting both genders, this is useful as it shows we are aiming to attract a wider audience and shall include things in our thriller which isn’t bias.

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