Thursday, 3 March 2011

Planning: Locations

As part of the planning stage before filming our Thriller, we visited the location (Whipps Cross) which would be the setting for the main part of the thriller a week before filming. 
We chose Whipps Cross in Waltham Forest, Northeast London for a number of reasons. The main reason was that it is the closest forest to us and to college, and is also very easy to get to (just 45 minutes on the bus). Also, from the inside the forest appears quite dense, and looks very isolated when it is empty.

As the location and setting is one of the most important aspects of the mis en scene, we spent most of the time looking for specific places in the forest that we could use to create good shots. In the actual film, we want the character to seem alone and isolated in the forest. To create this feeling, we use shots like the ones shown in the pictures to show the empty forest. These shots will be at the start of the thriller, before the first character is shown and will also have titles added over them.  Also, just the fact that it is set in a forest creates a eerie/spooky feeling, and makes the audience feel a little nervous/uneasy. 

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