Monday, 7 March 2011

Planning: Storyboard for Thriller opening

                                                                                Before we could film for our thriller opening, we had to create a storyboard. We included what camera angles we were going to use and the type of shots. This is the first half of the storyboard. We have stated that the beginning of the opening, there will be a blank screen and the sound effect over the top. We have included shots of the scenery, these will not take up too much time because we feel that it will become too boring and the audience will lose interest.

The second half of the storyboard shows more detail and there are flashbacks of what happened.
This is so the whole opening is not just based on the woods. We plan to have shots of the murder weapon and of the victim being viewed for the first time. 

I think that, even though out storyboard is simple, it is effective. It has everything that is need i.e camera shots needed, detail and it is easy to follow and keep to.

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