Sunday, 6 March 2011

First Day of Filming

Me filming some of the opening shots
During the half term holiday, we began the actual filming for our thriller. One of our group members, Seb, wasn’t able to attend so Rebecca, Courtney and myself had to film, act, and direct. We all had an equal input into all aspects of the filming, from deciding what shots to film and angles to directing the characters movements. Rebecca filmed most of the shots, as Courtney and myself were the actors. 

The fake blood we used as a prop 

We arrived at the location at around 3PM, as it took us longer than we expected to get there, and we also had to stop on the way to get some Gaffer tape which was one of our props from B&Q. The other props we used were fake blood, blood stained clothes, a fake gun, some leather gloves and a balaclava. 

We filmed for around 3 hours continuously until it started to get dark. The weather was good and surprisingly warm, although it did start to get cold after around 5:30PM. We filmed the final shots (which would be part of the flashbacks) as the light was fading, so it looked like the night before when the flashbacks are set.
Me filming some of the point-of-view shots
from the main character’s perspective

Courtney getting ready to film

Overall, it was a successful shoot and we got some good footage. However, we still need to film some more scenes for the flashbacks, as we did not have enough time to film them on the same day. If I were to go back in time and re-live this day, I would get there earlier and bring warmer clothing to stay later.

The opening shot of the character’s hand,
 shown in the viewfinder on the camera
Courtney in position playing the murdered character

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