Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sound track

The programs used to make our sound track: Sound track Pro & Logic 

Whilst making the rough cut, we also began to make our rough draft on Sound Track Pro. We thought it would be smart to begin the ambient diagetic sounds on Sound Track Pro as this software provides them, but to create the non diagetic music on Logic, a professional program designed for music. Our group was fortunate to have access to this software, which Ben owns, as he is familiar with this program, we assigned him to making the actual music. We discussed the type of music we wanted to play, we decided to make it suspenseful, using piano, strings played slowly.

Editing on Sound Track Pro: We used different sound effects such as 'country day' as it matches the mis en scene, during the flash backs we decided to add a distorted sound effect, relative to the sharp pains the character is feeling. The attack we contemplated weather to use the sounds of a heartbeat or weather it be too cliche, but we decided to include the sound of a women heavily, breathing and whilst the screen blacks out, the sounds of a gun shot.                 

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