Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of rough cut

 This is our first rough cut, at this stage we had not finished editing the sound, on sound track pro, and also hadn't edited in the titles as, we still need to cut some of the clips and we couldn't add the titles until, we had finalised our footage.

The rough cut duration is 2 minutes 45seconds, and our time limit is 2 minutes hence we have to cut the clips making, them precise and remove unnecessary footage, until the running time is closer to 2minutes. In order to meet our time limit we plan to cut the opening shot, and make the other scenes more sharp and quicker, also the gaps between the flash backs are going to be cut down.

At this stage we haven't included all of effects and transitions, we still plan to edit the contrast on the flash backs, making them look compatible to each other also to separate them from the current time, and to make it look like the characters memory, we are going to modify it adding an effect which adds a slight blur, showing the memories are distorted.

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