Friday, 18 March 2011

Rough Cut: Evaluation

Yesterday was the deadline for us to complete the rough cut for our thriller. Starting at 9am, we edited throughout the day until 4pm in order to get it finished and uploaded to the blog. We did not have time to add the titles, although Courtney did start to create them on another computer, or the soundtrack, which I am planning to create on Logic Express, a music editing program, possibly using some sound effects from Soundtrack Pro.

The total running time of the rough cut version is 2 minutes and 45 seconds, which means we will have to cut out nearly a third of the footage in it (as the limit is 2 minutes). I don't think this will be too difficult, as I can see that some of the shots are much too long, and some of the flashbacks will be edited so that the time between them is shorter, giving the impression that they are flashing up faster.

One of the flashback shots

I think that all the shots we have are alright to use, and with further editing they will look fine, meaning that we do not have to film any again.
Another modification we need to make is to add another video filter on the flashbacks, to make them look more distorted/blurry, as at the moment they look too clear. Also, we will add some fade-ins/outs and transitions (particularly at the start) and obviously the titles.
We also need to edit some of the match cuts, as they look slightly out of sync. 

The opening shot, which is a few seconds too long

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