Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rough Cut Evaluation

Finally our rough cut is finished. We have, as accurately as possible, made an outline of shots for our Thriller opening.

We had a range of shots including close-ups and long shots. We used these shot for different aspects of the opening. We had both close-ups and long shots of the scenery.

We made the decision to have the main footage in normal colour as it is what the character is seeing then and there. 

We chose to have the flashbacks in black and white because it would distinguish between what had already happened and what was happening then.

Shot of Ben buttoning up his shirt in one of the flashbacks.
Another flashback image of Ben, this time zipping his jacket.

Flashback image again. Putting on his gloves to go and find his prey.
Another flashback image. Ben in examining his knife before going to find his victim.

This is one of the images of Ben just after he had a flashback. In the background, you can see his victim (me) on the grass.
Overall, our Rough cut has been successful in terms of connecting all the footage together. However, we have gone over on our allocated time (2 minutes) by 45 seconds. As a group, we established which shots were too long and we have decided how long to cut each one down by.

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