Thursday, 17 March 2011

Editing 2

In the first day of editing we managed cut clips and put them in order therefore the second day of filming we focused on the effect, transitions and lighting.

Once we had fixed the final order, we experimented with different filters, to make the brightness even on the flashbacks and we also put a black and white filter on, to separate the flashbacks from the rest of the footage, we done this on final cut pro in the modify tab. We explored different effects such as hazed and blurred, then came across 'light ray' effect, which we decided worked the best, as it creates a slightly blurred picture, yet doesn't ruin the footage, so its not completely unclear. 

During the last flash back, when the victim is about to get shot, we wanted to make look more intense than the rest of the flashbacks, so we decided to make a blinking effect, from the point of view of the victim, this we done by cutting the original footage and putting gaps in, between each other.

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