Sunday, 13 March 2011

Analysis of a Title Sequence

The main aim of an opening scene in any film is to capture the audience's attention. In a thriller opening, this is ideally combined with the tone of suspense in order for the audience to get a feel of the film and sort of expect what will come later. The Taking of Pelham 123’s title sequence really inspired me.

The opening sequence of this movie seems to be directly connected to trains (perhaps to establish the sub-genre of the film right form the beginning) for example, the music used at the very beginning sounds like a train, and even the production/distribution company (Columbia) is filmed as if it's a train getting closer to the screen. 

 I particularly like the way the cast/director/producer etc.'s names appear and disappear on the screen throughout the opening sequence with a thick black line (as if the names are passengers and the line is a train collecting or dropping them off) Editing is the main technique used in this sequence to grab the audience's attention and establish the recurring theme of trains and sub-genre (action thriller)

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