Thursday, 24 March 2011

Creating the Soundtrack

After posting the rough cut, myself and Sebastian started creating the soundtrack whilst Ben and Rebecca started on re-editing our footage.

We experimented with different sounds to find the right ones to fit in with our footage. As Ben and Rebecca were re-editing our footage, we had to use our rough cut to create the soundtrack. We decided that we would create the soundtrack and then add in the edited footage after. This would mean that we would have to re-edit the soundtrack to fit with the new footage. 

These two photos are of our experimentation with possible sounds.

Once we had found the right sounds for our footage, we found where exactly on the opening it needed to go. We added the sounds of a gun being loaded and a gun shot to the ending of our footage. We also included a heartbeat to portray the victims fear.

We chose to have two main sounds for throughout the opening. The first being the sound of wildlife, birds, leaves, the breeze etc. We did this because we thought it would accurately give the affect of  the morning. the second sound was a that of a bass guitar. We used this for the flashbacks to give then more importance. We cut the sound of the wildlife whilst the beat of the bass was playing. Then we quietened the bass and played the quieter version throughout the rest of the soundtrack, only cutting it to play the louder one.  We still had the wildlife sound playing at the same time as the quieter bass.

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