Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 1: Forms and Conventions of real Thriller openings (part 1)


This is one of the titles from 'What Lies Beneath' - one of the thrillers we studied. The font used for this particular title was used throughout the opening.

Although the picture is not completely clear, you can make out that the font used for the above title, was also used for the title of the actual movie. 

This is a title from the film 'Memento'. Again, this font type is used throughout the opening.

Like in 'What Lies Beneath', this film not only uses the same font for all the titles, it also uses it for the actual title.

After looking at the above two films, we decided to follow tradition and use the same font throughout. We used it for the particular job and the name that went with it.
We agreed that it would be more affective to use the same font because it may have been confusing to have all different fonts announcing different titles.
Finally, we decided to keep the title as the same font because it will fit in with the feel of the movie.

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