Thursday, 17 March 2011

Second Session of Filming

Me and Seb
On our second session of filming, we took the equipment out on Tuesday afternoon, and would return it the next morning at 9am.
We started filming at around 7pm in an alleyway near Shoreditch High Street station. We filmed the 'flashback' scenes which we would edit into the sequence in-between the scenes we filmed last week in the forest. The equipment we took out was the camera, tri-pod, light and light stand, and light batteries, meaning there was quite a lot to carry. I think the light came in very useful as it enabled us to get interesting shots such as the one shown below:

Courtney was unable to attend, so we were couldn’t film any shots with her in. Due to the schedule and short amount of time we had left, we decided we would film anyway. As she was the other main character, we had to film shots with Rebecca pretending to be the victim, by using close ups and not showing her face.
Overall the shoot went well (despite the temperature!), and despite only filming for an hour or so, we got some good footage. 
Seb filming my character walking

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