Thursday, 24 March 2011


The titles was the finishing touch on the visual side of our opening. We had to follow the typical running order of a title sequence which is.

Running order of title sequence:

Productions & associates
more stars

This is the order we followed as it was advised, because most movies run their title sequence in this order, with the exception of a few.

We had to include the Candi indent, which is used on all of the media projects, and then we then could add our actual titles. We created our titles on Final Cut Pro, we inserted text, positioning it over our footage instead of having a black screen, we decided to this to make it visually more exciting, and  to engage the audience. 

Throughout the title sequence, we used a white font we decided on this colour as it's the most noticeable colour against the background. The font which we used for the names is Ms Gothic and for the actual title we added the desaturate and glow effect which hinted toward its genre as it's slightly creepy and flicking resembles the flashbacks. 

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