Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation of Sounds

The sound track, was an overall success we used two programs to complete the final sound track, Logic Express and Sound Track Pro. Sound Track Pro was used to create the ambient diagetic noises, such as the country sounds, gun shots, car noises and heartbeats also the special sfx of the flash backs, the program is straight forward, so there was no difficulty with, creating the music, this program allows us to watch the footage whilst adding the sound, this worked to our advantage as we could make sure it was in sync with the visual side of the film.

Ben was in charge of creating the music which plays throughout the ambient noises, we discussed what type of music we felt best to have running throughout the title sequence, then Ben who is familiar with the music program Logic Express, put our ideas into an track, it was a success. He made a track using keyboards and strings, made sure the tempo was slow, creating a suspenseful atmosphere through the use of sound.

The sound track was and overall, success and pulls the whole opening together, making it more suspenseful and drawing the audience in, I have no regrets of the process of the sound track.

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