Monday, 7 March 2011

First day of filming:

First day of filming:

We reached Whipps Cross at 3pm, and began filming the opening of our thriller. The weather was sunny , which was ideal as we wanted to get shots of the sun through the trees; also the we wanted a natural sunlight, to make it feel like morning. We managed to film the flashback of the man attacking his victim, and the scene when the man wakes up in the forest, to discover he’s covered in blood yet not injured, him beginning to get head pains and also the scene he finds the dead body, covered in blood.

 Here we were experimenting with different shots, we wanted to pull of point of view shot from when the guy wakes up. We are still not certain whether to include it in out thriller as, it looks slightly amature, yet hopefully we can edited so it looks professional.
 As you can see on the camera we were filming the hand, this is a close up before we see the dead body. We decided to do this shot to create suspense, as the hand remains still for a while leaving the audience wondering whether it's a dead body. The finger flinches slightly, to reveal the persons alive, this close up was a success and is an effective way of creating suspense
 Mid-Shot of the main character on the floor, this is the first introduction of a obvious character. He is covered in blood laying on the floor, looking confused and vulnerable, this mis en scene tricks the audience into believing he is the victim.
 Filming an extreme close up of the branches with the background out of focus in the background. This is used to establish a setting.

 Fake blood we used to add to the Mis en scene, we poured this on our characters and also the surroundings to make the forest look like a murder scene. Plus to show the character is injured or apart of the attack.
 Preparing the dead body. Pouring the fake blood on our actress to make her look like a victim and also around the dead body, to show that's where she was attacked.
 Final effect of the fake blood, yet this photo makes the blood look brighter than it looks in the actually footage. After we filmed her being discovered and the attacking scene, which is a flash back from the previous night.
The first day of filming was a success, we had no trouble with the weather, so we were able to get nice shots with the natural lighting against the scenary, we were a little hesitant whether the fake blood would look realistic, but we managed to pull it off well in the actual footage. The first day of filming gave us a greater insight of what filmimg is like, and I feel confident that our next day of filming will be an even greater success.

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