Thursday, 17 March 2011

Filming 2

On the second day of filming, we went to Shoreditch in the evening. This was the locations for the flashbacks, of the previous night. We aimed to film extreme close ups of the main character preparing to attack the women and then, the actual kidnapping.

We decided to go in the evening, as the attack happened at night and it looks more realistic if we filmed at night rather than edit the lighting afterwards; as it was dark we needed to use a spot light, yet we also used street lighting.

We shot the scene when the attacker is buttoning up his shirt, putting gloves, coat and balaclava on these are all close ups and extreme close ups, we decided to do this as we didn't want to reveal who the character is just yet, and keep the audience in suspense, this way the character whose having the flash backs looks like the victim.


We had to record the victim being tied up and dragged; we wanted to make this look discrete, so the gender of the victim isn't obvious. We filmed an extreme close up of the hands being tied up. The dragging shot we done using the spot light, we didn't actually film the body being dragged instead we done the shadow of this, we had to be careful with the lighting position and the angle of which the actors moved in, so the shadow looked clear against the wall which was filmed.

We also filmed using a car as a prop, we shot someone starting the engine up from inside, the car lights turning on and the wheels driving away, this pulls the narrative together as the audience will know how the body got taken to the forest the next day, without this prop the story wouldn't have pieced together clearly.

This was the final filming day, we filmed for an hour and half and managed to get enough footage, we also experimented with different unplanned shots, some happened to work well and will be used in our final project.

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