Sunday, 6 March 2011

Planning for Thriller:

Before we were able to film, we had to create a storyboard to present in our pictch, the reason we done this is so we were prepared for filming, therefore we wouldn't waste time and could create a schedule to film the shots we needed to film. This storyboard was our inital plan, some of the shots we have decided to swap and also we have added more shots since planing this, yet you here we present the narrative which has remained the same.

Title squence will be added on top of the footage. 1.Blackout, hearing a man breathing.
2.Extreme close up of mans eyes opening.
3. Establishing shot of scenary a few cuts of different surroundings at location.
4. Point of view shot from actor laying on the floor, shot of the trees covering the sun. Zooming out.
5.Close up of the mans shoulders and face laying on the forest floor.
6. Extreme close of blood on the mans hands and clothes.

Here we have the flash back scenes inbetween each of these shots, we will edit back to the forest of the man having head pains and holding his head. This we create the effect of the man having the flash back.

7. Close up panning rope.
8. Close up of Knife.
9. Cars number plate which can't be identified, the noise of the car stopping.
10.  Shaking point of view shot of victim in the boot of the car and seeing a silhouette, of someone shutting the boot.
11. Long shot of victim being dragged into the forest and attacked.
12. Back to the present time-the man discovering the dead body.

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