Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation of filming

The process of filming was rather difficult, as we had to create a schedule that everyone could work around, it was difficult finding a day where all members of the group were free, yet in the end we managed to get our filming done on two different, occasions although we had one member missing each time.

The first day of filming, was at Whipps Cross, Courtney, Ben and myself were able to attend, and we managed to shoot footage of the scenery, and the awakening of the main character and some of the flash backs, and the discovering of the body. Overall the first day of filming was an success, we managed to film a lot of footage, this was useful whilst editing because we weren't short of choices, my only regret is not planing the shots well enough, yet all footage was useable and we never had to reshoot.

The second day of filming was a challenge as the member who plays the victim, couldn't attend shooting due to family commitments, yet we made a success of filming without her, by filming extreme close ups, where the body isn't identifiable, this worked to our advantage, and ended up making the opening more discrete, which creates more suspense. We filmed the flash backs, I believe this day was a greater success, as the shots and lighting effects gave a good effect, and we had further knowledge from previous filmings the do's and don't, my only regret is not being able to find a day which was compatible for every member because of the short time left.

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