Sunday, 27 February 2011

Structure of openings:

Structure of thriller openings

For one lesson we focused on structure of openings we were shown a number of clips and examined the how they were constructed. Firstly we learned the aim of an opening- to establish and engage, inform and create anticipation for the rest of the film. The reason we studied openings, was to give us the knowledge of the conventions they have hence we can later create an opening that’s proficient. We looked at various openings that differed from each other therefore; we could get different inspirations and not feel restricted to the usual openings.



Se7en- This opening didn’t follow the typical opening, of establishing an location instead it, included all close up of pictures and somebody working, we can’t identify the character, but we are informed this is the main character also, by doing this it engages as they want the character to be revealed. It also played music to add anticipation, and presented the cast and production line, which is important to include in openings. As this opening doesn’t reveal too much it’s called a discrete opening, these are best to use in thrillers and horrors.

The Shining: 


The Shining- I believe the most effective thing about this opening is the music, although the footage gives us and establishing shot of the landscape, and focuses on the one cars journey, it’s the spooky music which creates suspense making the audience. The cast is also shown and the production company likewise to any other opening.
The taking of Pelam 1,2,3: 


The taking of Pelham 1,2,3- A opening I examined previously, includes the cast and production line, whilst it establishes the location with the skyline of New York, it also uses editing which creates a effect of the subway, relative to the streets of New York, the characters are then introduced. This opening is informative, as it clearly presents the location and characters. It works well because of the editing is modern and done like a music video making it fluent and appealing to watch.

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