Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Intoduction to Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack pro:

‘Soundtrack pro’ is an audio software designed by Apple, this programme is simple to use and even those with little experience with music software are able to use it with ease, it has over 5000 instrumentals, we are able to loop to create a soundtrack on. During my media lesson I had a 10 minute introduction on this programme, teaching me the basics of how to use this software. ‘Soundtrack pro’ allows us to make audio and then edit it on to our video footage using handbrake or final pro, this programme will be used to create audio for my groups final thriller opening. This programme is idealist to use whilst editing video footage as you are able to open videos from Final cut pro, and create audio in sync with what’s happening visually.

 Firstly you are able to find different categories and sound effects you can search key words in the search browse to save time, for example I wanted the sound of a door opening so I wrote door and it gave me a list of sounds which related to the sounds a door makes (creaking/opening/closing). There’s not always the sound you’re looking for, but most everyday sounds can be found e.g. cars, streets, people, doors opening/closing, zips and also different loops of instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and so on, plus there are different categories of  music genres. Whilst choosing the sounds, it is important that it is relevant to the mis en sene, and genre otherwise it could look impractical and could confuse the audience.

When you’ve found a loop you want to use, you dragged it to the arranging section which creates a time line, you can loop the sounds so the duration last longer, or you can just add the single loop. If you want a certain sound in sync with the video footage it is smart to open the video tab and play the music along with the footage cutting the noise to match the footage for example, playing the sound of a street and cutting it until the location changes.Once the sound has been made you can save it on final cut pro, here the audio and footage can be saved as one. Tada you have a soundtrack!

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