Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the main program we will be using to edit our footage, and create our Thriller. It is a professional video-editing program, and is made by Apple. Today, it is widely used by professional and amateur filmmakers alike, as it is relatively easy to use, but can also be used to create complex effects and produce professional quality films.

A screenshot of Final Cut Pro, showing the different sections
of the editing interface.
In the introductory lesson, I found that using Final Cut was easier than I expected it would be. In the past, I have used iMovie and other amateur video editing software, and was surprised to find that the basic elements of Final Cut are very similar to other basic programs. The layout of the screen is very easy to understand and use, with the timeline, viewer, and browser occupying different sections.
I have been using the Internet (especially sites like Youtube) to find out more about Final Cut Pro, and also have been using in outside lesson time at college in the media rooms. I found the following video particularly interesting, and will definitely use some of the tips from the video next time I am using Final Cut.

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