Sunday, 27 February 2011

Font Analysis:

Font Analysis:

In class, we were given an introduction to fonts therefore we can understand the effects they have, teaching us what’s logically suitable to use in our thriller title.  Although font doesn’t seem, like the most important feature about the film opening, it does have an impact as it influences an expectation, font can hint aspects of a film, such as which genre the movie is and personality of characters. Also in advertisement of the film, it’s sways an judgment and draws in specific audiences.

Examples we analysed in class:

Rocky- Rocky this film used Franklin gothic heavy font, which is simple bold and curvy, this denotes his physical appearance (built, heavy weight) and also his personality as curves on this font shows he is a modest gentleman. This font is placed above the silhouette, of Rocky holding hands with his wife, and is against a plain background; the simplicity shows honesty and what you see is what you get.

  Pearl Harbour is another cover we analysed, which used serif font, this font is usually used in broadsheet papers, such as ‘The Times’ a newspaper which focuses on more serious issues rather that gossip, which attracts an intelligence audience. This connotes the characters are, intelligent and hold authority like a broadsheet. The writing is associated with old times, which hints this film isn’t set in modern times. The text is in all in capitals and is white; this stands out behind the darker background informing the audience that’s the title clearly.

The influence of font, and the connotations has made me realise whilst adding a title sequence, my group must carefully choose a font which subtly hints towards the movie genre or the main characters personality. We shall present is against a background which allows the font to be visualised clearly, but also relative to narrative. We can use things such as different colours that create atmosphere or images and moving footage can be used, not revealing too much straight away but engaging the audience creating expectation and a desire to watch on, trying to avoid the boring white on black title sequence, as this can bore the audience and doesn’t create any expectation 

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