Thursday, 28 April 2011

Evaluation - Question 1: Forms & Conventions of Real Media Products and Our Title Sequence (Part Two)

In addition to 'The Stepfather', another film that inspired us when creating our thriller was 'What Lies Beneath'. This is a psychological thriller (as is ours), so after watching this film we naturally gained ideas about the titles and ways of introducing our character from it that would fit the conventional thriller style.

The images on the left and right are the names of our thriller and 'What Lies Beneath' taken from the opening titles of each. Both use a white font, and an animated effect, which makes the text move slightly, grabbing the audience's eye and showing the importance of this title (as it is the name of the film) and to differentiate it from the other titles.
This can be seen in the video below.


The opening shots of our main character, and of the female character in 'What Lies Beneath' are also very similar. Both are shown with a high angle/birds eye close up of their face, and their eyes opening. The difference between ours and 'What Lies Beneath' is that in our thriller the character opens his eyes slowly and looks confused, whereas in 'W.L.B.' the woman opens her eyes quickly and sits up, and appears scared/startled. 

Here is a video I created in Final Cut Pro using clips of our thriller and 'What Lies Beneath' to visually show these similarities, first with the film titles and then the opening shots of the characters.

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