Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation - Question 2: Representation (part 2)


This part of representation is all about the lighting, editing, sound and camera. All of theses elements help represent a thriller title sequence. How you edit, use lighting, position the camera and create a sound track can distinguish between the sub-genres. The sub-genre of our thriller opening is Psychological, meaning that however we edit and the sounds that we use need to accurately represent that.


Our opening needed to represent that of a psychological thriller. So, for the editing of our footage, we focused on making the flashbacks more dramatic and used different effects to almost mess with the mind.

Here is footage of the final flashback in our opening. By including a 'blinking' effect, we get the impression that the character (victim) is scared and at the beginning is not really clear of her surroundings.

We used this effect for all the flashbacks because we felt that it would show that Ben's character was confused and that something was messing with his mind. It also represented psychological thriller because we focused on showing something 'messing' with the characters mind.


On the day that we filmed the main footage, it was quite bright and almost sunny, which went well with the idea of Ben's character waking up the morning after killing someone.  Before the flashbacks were turned black and white, the lighting was quite dark as it was meant to be a night. This is representing that murder is committed at night and the murderer remembers in the morning.

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