Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation - Questions 4&5: What Media institutions might distribute your media? How will you address your target audience? (Part 2)

Addressing the Target Audience!

The target audience for any film can be addressed through many different ways:

  • Cinema Screening (local independent cinema)
  • Through Youtube
  • Through Vimeo
  • Through Blogger
  • Through Facebook
  • Through Mobile phone devices
  • Through the 200 DvD releases
By using these forms to address a particular audience, people who wouldn't necessarily watch this type of film also get to experience it. By uploading to Facebook or Youtube, a wider audience will be able to see the film and possibly want to watch more. 

This is a screen shot from my Facebook. I uploaded it so all my friends on there could watch it. The people on my Facebook range in ages so this film can be watched by a very wide audience. Eventually, our film could find its way on to Youtube.

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