Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation - Questions 4 & 5: Media Institutions - Distribution and Promotion

Our thriller will be distributed CANDI studios, which is a low-budget independent distribution company. G26 Productions is a production company set up by ourselves for the purposes of creating this thriller.

There will be a one-off cinema screening of our thriller opening at a local cinema (The Screen On The Green - Islington) which will be attended by around 130 students and teachers from City & Islington College. After this, we will collect some audience feedback from the people who attended.
The Screen On The Green
CANDI Studios will also release 200 copies of our thriller on DVD, in addition to uploading it onto the video websites Vimeo and Youtube as a form of online distribution.

Myself and the other group members have also linked/uploaded our thriller opening to the social networking site Facebook, where it can be seen by all of our ‘friends’ on the site (totalling around 1000 people). We will also hold small private screenings of our thriller for close friends & family.

As the images on the right show, after the Youtube video was linked on Facebook it gained around 20 views in a few hours.

Here is a link to our thriller opening on Youtube:

Here is an example of an AS Media Thriller opening which has gained over 100,000 views on Youtube since 2007 when it was uploaded. This shows that it is possible for a low-budget student film to reach a very wide audience via the Internet.

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