Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation question8: Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

This starts with a shot from the prelim, we change the focus and position the camera in a low angle shoot, the angle connotes he is the powerful character. In the second scene from our final thriller we wanted to represent the character as the dominate male, but also make his identity a mystery. Since making the prelim we'd had improved on editing, although we use a similar camera angle, we edited the scene to make it more suspenseful through the use of music, and also dim lighting hiding identity and making the male figure more intimidating. In the prelim, we never had a choice of costume, yet in the final project we were able to add to the mis en scene by dressing our character in dark clothing, to represent him as the villain.
Here is an example of a cut shot. In the prelim stage we was less experienced with editing cut shots together, in our actual thriller opening we were more experimental with, editing cut shots as we went from a long shot cutting to a close up of the gun, whereas in the prelim it was more simple working with mid shots, and using a door. Recording the footage where you plan to make cuts are difficult, as you have to find positions which will work well for continuing, whilst filming the footage we plan to insert cuts, we had to position the camera in a way we felt would work well, this was difficult as we reverse angles and went from a long shot to a close up of the gun being picked up. We also used 3 angles to add a sense of realism for the audience, they are able to watch and feel like they can see what's happening from each perspective.

Feedback: The feedback was a a useful way of self evaluating our work, because once you've spent so long editing a product it's easy to become bias and becomes harder to see minor fault. Feedback allowed criticism which informs us of aspects to consider whilst editing/filming in the future:

Evidence of feed back:

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