Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation - Question 3: Target Audience

The target audience for our thriller is primarily males between the ages of 28 & 45. As the sub-genre of our thriller is psychological, it would be of more interest to men rather than women. 
Psychological thrillers also tend to attract a quite ‘intelligent’ audience (no one wants to see a film they might not understand).
Also, as it is a low-budget film, it is unlikely that many young people (under 25) would go and pay to see it. It would be much more popular with an older audience who are less interested in Hollywood Blockbusters, and more interested in independent ‘art-house’ films.

An example of a typical member of our target audience could be:

  • Steve Goswell
  • Age: 34
  • Works at a Law Firm in the city
  • Lives in a London flat with a flat mate
  • Reads the Observer and Guardian newspapers
  • Interested in films, particularly low-budget, independent films
  • Interested in gadgets (Blackberry, Macbook, iPad)
  • Goes to the gym twice a week
  • Watches BBC4 and More4 often, as well as News channels
  • Enjoys socialising with friends in bars/pubs 
  • Has a degree in Mathematical Finance 
By carefully considering the different aspects of our target audience’s life, we can decide on the best ways to promote and distribute our thriller.

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