Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation - Question 6: Audience Feedback (Part Two)

After watching our thriller opening at the cinema screening, we asked some of the audience members for feedback:

Most of the people we interviewed were students from our college (aged 16-18), which meant they are not part of our target audience (ages 28-45). We also asked our teacher for feedback (seen at 0:42 - 1:25), as he is inside this age range and more likely to be part of our target audience for this type of film.

We also asked for feedback on our thriller on the social networking site Facebook, where it received generally very positive comments.


Almost everyone we asked said they enjoyed the film, and some even said it made them feel some of the emotions that thrillers are supposed to make the audience feel (tense, confused, surprised), despite the fact that most of those people were not our intended target audience.

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