Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Question6: Audience Feedback

On the 5th of April we showcase our Thriller opening at The Screen On The Green cinema in angle, where other students and teachers were able to see our opening. Once 'Victim' finished screening, there was an uplift of applause, and a warm response. The screening allowed us to get audience feed back therefore, we video the feedback of those who watched 'Victim' in the cinema. People interviewed: Jerome Holder, Samir Tildi, Dan Lowe, Valeza Bakoli, Gem Omer and Ryan Cameron.

We also used The networking site Facebook to distribute our thriller opening and posted it as a video for friends and family to enjoy and comment some of the comment which we received on Facebook:

 The feedback allows us to get and insight, on what worked well and which, causes most suspense and entertains our audience the most. I find the feedback useful for self evaluating and learning how to improve.

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