Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation - Questions 4&5: What Media institutions might distribute your media? How will you address your target audience? (part 1)

Media Institutions!

The media institutions that might distribute my media film is Candi Studios. Candi Studios is a small, independent studio with excellent equipment but low production budgets. As well as that, you might have created your own production company too:

In association with...

  • G26 Productions
  • Orange Media
  • Candi Studios

This is a screen shot of 'Candi Studios', the company we chose to distribute our films.

Two of the five groups decided to use Candi Studios as their production company. The other three, my group included, chose to create our own production company. 

G26 Productions is our production company. Personally, I think that choosing to create our own production company is more effective because it gives a unique feel to it. Being produced by a new company that no one else has worked with will make the film new and exciting.

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