Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question2: How does your media product represent particular social group?

Representation is shown through different factors, such as costume, make up, lighting and even camera shots, for example an angle which aims down at a character can symbolise how their character is weak, whilst making our psychological thriller opening we wanted to give the audience the impression that the actually murderer is the victim, therefor through the use of camera shots and mis en scene we done so.  'Victim' Opening title sequence challenges the conventional representation of a victim, and confuses the audience at the beginning. 


The Mis en scene in this footage shows, a man laying in the middle of no where, looking rough with blood stains on his shirt and a confused facial expression. The Mis en scene suggest he is vulnerable, and has been hurt. The angel of the camera is looking down on him, which represents weakness, like someone has been looking down on him. Our representation of the murderer in the opening challenges the typical masculine murderer, which would be in control, organised, butch and possible in disguised, the fact the character doesn't represent the typical victim confuses the audience when his real identity is revealed and he is in fact the murderer.

Representation of a typical victim: Covered in blood, shown to be powerless usually is a women.
Here we use the typical representation of a victim, we choose to have a women as the victim character, as they tend to be more vulnerable, the audience can identify this character is the victim, as her body is limp, and she's also smothered in blood, the make up gives the impression she has been harmed.

Representation of murderers:
Clothes are dark.
The body is well covered
Face is hidden. 
Mis en scene, usually discrete shots, revealing little to keep audience in suspense, dark lighting, angles which make them dominate e.g. 
low angle shots looking up. 


In the flash backs, we made the characters role more obvious, we dressed the character in clothes which portray a murderer or someone with a hidden agenda. The face is covered with a balaclava, and he is head to toe in black. Props also add to how the character is represented, a shot with the character with a knife is show, therefore the character can identify the character is shady. The character wears gloves, this can be linked to other films wear gloves are used to protect identity.

In our opening we consider the importance of representation, as the audience identify and initially judge the character based on their costume and mis en scene. We used mis en scene and camera angles, to represent our murderer first of all as a victim, this is what makes our opening an psychological thriller, from the start, instantly our audience realise they have to be cunning throughout the rest of the film, once the actually victim is revealed.

Inspiration for our characters: The lead character in 'Momento' we used as our inspiration for our main character, as he looks like an average man, this makes the audience not suspect he has hidden secrets, we wanted to do this in our one, therefore we dressed him up like an average working man, yet made him look like a victim with blood. 

For the flashbacks we used our own sterotype of a villain to produce the costume for our character, yet we looked at some horrors like 'Jason' and saw he had his face covered therefore, we thought it be smart to keep our character fully covered in the flashbacks which creates more suspense.

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