Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question3: Who would be the audience for our media product.

Throughout the research process, we looked at target audience and discovered the majority of those who watch thrillers are male, yet we decided we never wanted to be bias and attract just one type of audience, therefore we included different sex characters, men and women can both identify with. We wanted to make our audience broad, but we also thought about what kind of characters would make up the majority of 'Victims' audience.

The title of our film being called 'Victim' and the genre Psychological Thriller, appeals mostly to a male in the age range 20-40. We considered the connotations of victim, yet we wanted to add a twist, we included a female character, which appeals to both genders, also the fact it's psychological and has violence in appeals mainly to men from their 20's upwards.

Name: Tom
Age: 36
Occupation: Technician
Hobbies: football, pub quiz's, golf, sudoku, travelling.

This is our typical audience, a man who is intellectual, who enjoys using his brain, and is amused by action/horrors/thrillers. His ideal film would include all these combined, therefore our thriller would be perfect movie choice for him. He usually watches films, which leave him thinking, a film which is a conversation starter, he is most likely to watch films with his work colleagues and friends.


Things Tom owns:

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